On this page you will learn what was the first thing we did in class

The activity we focused on was tablets of stone, which were a brain bending exercise taht involved protocols and painful thinking

An image of real tablets of stone instead of the ones we used in class

Tablets of stone is a game that is played something like so, you start of by choosing a group to send information to, that information is to be sent in packets. Packets are the computer way of saying peices, now the premisis of the game is to make a reliable way of getting that information in this case peices of paper that have a message to the other group without error. If an error ocours your protocol (In the game a protocol is bassicaly saying "If you don't get this one singular peice of paper make the game three hours longer to tell me I need to send you packet 4.) will allow you to fix that error nearly immediately.

This has thought us that the wotk year twelves do is astounding and that protocol building is a hard thing to manage. From this exsercise we have recently learnt that the second objective is to confuse the other group by making a "defective" protocol. The main message I'm trying to portray is that the game is for anyone who is willing and has a lot of time on their hands can develop a perfectly working protocol.

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