The Internet

A depiction of the internet

The internet is a powerful tool that while it can be use for good it's quite destructive. This tool is the topic we are focusing on currently in school and one of our requierments is to make a usable webpage. The internet and it's many attributes happen to be coded nearly like acronyms witch I will list below this paragraph

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These are some of the components and acronyms (later to be explained) of the internet

These are the acronyms

  1. TCP
  2. IP
  3. IP Address
  4. ISP
  5. LAN
  6. RAN
  7. WAN
  8. HTTP
  9. HTML
  10. CSS
  11. Bit

I'll start by explaining what the somponents are and then the acronyms. TCP stands for transmission control protocol, IP stands for internet protocol, IP address stands for internet protocol address, ISP stands for internet service provider, LAN stands for local area network, RAN stands for radio access network, WAN stands for wide are network, HTTP stands for hyper text transfer protocol, HTML stands for myper text markup language, CSS stands for cascading style sheet and Bit stands for internet package information or something like that.

Now we move onto the components of the internet. A client is a peice of computer hardware or software and the device is the computer, a server is a big information storage facility basically, web hosting is something that allows you to make your website visible to the whole world and a web server is server software, or hardware dedicated to running said software, that can satisfy World Wide Web client requests, a modem is a combined device for modulation and demodulation, for example, between the digital data of a computer and the analogue signal of a telephone line, a router is a networking device that forwards data packets between computer networks, a domain name server is a system by which Internet domain names and addresses are tracked and regulated and protocols are the official procedure or system of rules governing affairs of state or diplomatic occasions

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